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Thank you!  Scroll down for feedback...

This unique community event would not be possible without the help and support of our lovely sponsors and volunteers.  Some of them didn't even want to be named, they just quietly wanted to support this event.  The difference they have made to our community is immeasurable - scroll down to read just some of the amazing feedback that we have received.   

 A huge 'THANK YOU!' to all of you.  

Kent County Councillor Andy Weatherhead, Folkestone Hythe & District Councillor Ian Meyers, Anonymous Local Donor, National Lottery Community Fund, Kent Community Foundation, Dymchurch Parish Council, Magnox, Local Traders x

Feedback = Funding!

Your feedback helps us to demonstrate to funders that 

Turn The Tide Festival is good for our local community.  

Turn The Tide Festival relies on your comments, suggestions and moral support in order to succeed.  Please tell us what you think about this year's festival so that we can pllan for next year's!

You can contact us by email at, or fill in the form.  Your email address is private, and we will not use it in any kind of disrespectful way at all.

Thank you x


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 Liz Colley

"It has been an enriching experience and all the better for being shared with our local community. Whilst we often travel to Folkestone for cultural events, it was very much appreciated having so much fun on our doorstep. We would fully support future events, and hope that you are able to make the Turn The Tide Festival an annual event for the people of Dymchurch. Thanks again and congratulations on this first festival."

Chris McCreedy

"This excellent weekend has given us the opportunity to experience a diversity of experiences/performances from both local and regional performers giving a real taste of different cultures. Having spoken to some of the performers they all enjoyed their visit to Dymchurch and they all said how warmly they had been received. As a result of the weekend most participants are thinking of visiting the area again. Many thanks to all those who have worked so hard and I hope this is the first of many festivals to come."

Jen Hayter

"Just a line to say a big thank-you and well done for organising a brilliant weekend of events. The world needs more people like you!  I sincerely hope this isn’t a one off and I look forward to the next one."

Peter Colley

"Thanks so much for a great festival....there was a good mix providing something for everyone.

I visited the camera obscure (great fun and run by a lovely couple), the Fake News exhibition, jazz band and archery in the village hall, and finally the amazing Bulgarian Choir in the church.

It was wonderful to have such an interesting mix of events in Dymchurch - things like this are usually held in Folkestone so it was fantastic to have an event of this scale on our doorstep.

Congratulations on organising such a successful festival and looking forward to it again next year!"

Melanie Gibson-Barton

"Thank you for the hard work you have put in to build this Festival for our village - and thank you for bringing such joy to Dymchurch. So many dancing Bangra, so many potters and so much laughter!

... and we'll be standing by to support the Ivychurch Bob Sleigh Team at some future Winter Olympics ... or will we??!"

Dot Astley

"I don't know where to start as the whole weekend was full of fun activities , sharing time with friends, learning new skills, listening to amazing music it's just what the village needed.

What I noticed was that everyone was having a good time,everyone had time to talk to each other. What we all agreed with was what a fantastic festival it was and it would be great to have this to look forward to . It was well supported and loved by all . Let's hope we see another festival like this in the near future well done to you both you did everyone proud. What a weekend!"

Jean Aireton

"What a brilliant weekend!  So enjoyed the activities and entertainment especially the dance and music in the Church and Village Hall and the storytelller and the flower making in the Methodist Church Hall and I know my son enjoyed the speakers in the Methodist Church Hall in the afternoon, and I enjoyed Pilates in the Village Hall the Bulgarian Choir were amazing and the Bhangra dancing very entertaining."

Tricia Green

"Wow! What a great weekend!  So good to have groups of that calibre performing in Dymchurch....and what a positive, enjoyable and life-enhancing experience for residents. We might live in a place which everyone loves to visit in Summer to enjoy our beach- they then return to their probably more urban lives with numerous cultural activities nearby... It was definitely much appreciated and hopefully won't just be a one off. Many thanks."

Sally Cook (Chocolate Shop)

"Many thanks for all your hard work , it was a great weekend . Long overdue for our little village . Great to see engaging and alternative entertainment .We will certainly organise something to coincide with the festival, should you do it again. It would be great to see more venues too , maybe the bottom bar of the city , the scout hut, Masonic hall etc . Well done , onwards and upwards !"

Karen Lewis

"two days of free entertainment [where] people [were able] to access cultural traditions and entertainment.  Thank you for an engulfing, eclectic experience xx

Philippa Dutton 

"Outstanding event"

Geni - Surrey Visitor

"Lovely events for all ages, types and backgrounds, and all free!  Please do it again!"

Susan Dempsey

"Well done to everyone involved with the weekend. Hard work I’m sure, but worth it I hope. Next year?"

Claire Marie

"This was amazing! Thank you to the choir and to you for arranging it, was a brilliant finale and so nice to see the church packed out!"

Nicola McGlone

"Just to say that my family and I really enjoyed the African drums on Sunday afternoon. It was great to watch them later with the unnamed group too! My son was spellbound watching the guy play the didgeridoo! The stories and music were very entertaining. We also had fun with the camera at the funfair. We revisited a second time to see whether we could spot each other in the park.

Thank you!"

Sandra Leverick

"Brilliant weekend! Xx"

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